About Us

Welcome to Blog Apik.

As the name implies, this blue berheader blog is endeavored to contain a variety of articles that are neat, good, interesting, and useful. Of course there is no intention to patronize let alone provoke others but just share what I see, hear, experience, and feel that might be useful for my friends.

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Abdul Cholik, the owner of this blog, a retired TNI. This 66-year-old grandfather lives in a village in the district of Jombang, East Java. Hobbies that are occupied indeed write, in blogs and write books. More than 25 books he has published, both solo and anthology books. His book is mostly published independently by holding an indie publisher, Sixmidad, Bogor.

Other bloggers can submit interesting and useful articles by email listed on the contact below. The length of the article is at least 500 words, not tangent to SARA and contains pornographic action or pornographic images, gambling, alcoholic beverages, and articles that are not in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, norms or ethics.